Are You Having Trouble Making Your Doctor Appointments?

Ask us about our in-home nursing assessments

As you age, you may have trouble visiting your doctor for routine checkups. If you're in that boat, don't worry. Atlas Professional Home Care, LLC provides in-home nursing assessments. We'll perform an initial examination, including checking your blood pressure and weight. Then, we'll schedule monthly visits so we can continue monitoring your health.

Don't let your health suffer because you can't leave home. Call 240-643-4919 now to set up an in-home nursing assessment.

We'll work closely with your in-home aide

We'll work closely with your in-home aide

Just like a regular nurse would inform your family about your medical needs, we'll keep your home care aide updated on your health. We'll make sure they:

  • Know which medication you have to take and when
  • Understand your dietary needs
  • Help you with your exercises if needed

Get first-rate medical care without leaving your home. Reach out to us today to schedule an initial appointment.